Vehicle Privacy Protection

Vehicle Privacy Protection is an API service that helps protect the privacy of a vehicle by obscuring the background and license plate information present in a photo. This service uses start-of-the-art segmentation technology to preserve an image of a car's appearance while blurring everything else that surrounds the car.

Service Process


Detects whether the image contains details of the appearance of a vehicle, such as the exterior. If not, the service skips subsequent steps.


Finds where the vehicle is located in the image.


Segments the vehicle along its contour using high-precision segmentation technology.


Detects whether the segmented image contains a license plate and blurs it.


Processes every vehicle that matches a customized set of criteria, which can be set using API parameters.

Key Features

Main features of Vehicle Privacy Protection

Checks whether a photo contains details of a car's appearance, such as the exterior.

Checks whether a photo contains a vehicle license plate, and if so, blurs it.

Blurs the background around the car in a photo to enhance privacy protection.