Genymotion Cloud: Android 8.0 (oreo)
Genymotion is an Android as a Service solution. Instantly start Android virtual devices: run & automate tests, demo apps, share content, & more It offers Android Virtual Machines with high quality display in your web browser as well as SSH, ADB access and HTTPS API
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  • Architecture: 64
  • Base Operating System: linux
  • Latest Version: v12.0
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Product Details
  • Product Highlights
    Compatibility with Play Services and ADB Command Line Interface (CLI) HTTPS API GPS, Accelerometer, Camera, Battery, Disk Throttling, Network, Calls & Texts emulation Baseband configuration Available on all Android versions and with custom screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Product Description

    Genymotion Cloud on Alibaba Cloud is a PaaS Android Operating System. Based on industry-leading Genymotion Emulator, it offers Android Virtual Machines.
    You can interact with the devices:
    * Through its UI, directly in your browser, to use it like a real phone
    * Through ADB and HTTPS API to script and automate any operations
    Genymotion Cloud virtual devices come with a set of sensors (GPS, accelerometer, camera, battery, network quality, etc.) that allows you to simulate any situation, and they are rooted to provide unique control and clarity into the data and settings at any time.
    Genymotion Cloud seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure on Alibaba Cloud and is fully scalable: test sharding and parallel testing become easy when you can run as many devices as you want in just a click, without any waiting time.
    Our Virtual Devices let you work on an Android Operating System without the need to maintain an actual Android infrastructure. You can now access an Android application or environment from any device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) just as you would access a remote desktop: welcome to Virtual Mobile Infrastructure (VMI)!
    It is a great fit for any of those use cases:
    * Continuous Integration for Android applications testing
    * Security & Performance Testing
    * Mobile Threat Detection
    * Synthetic Monitoring
    * Production-like Demo, Training & Customer Support
    Genymotion Cloud virtual devices can also be embedded into your own platform – build your own solution on top of Genymotion Cloud by leveraging Alibaba Cloud APIs.

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    Genymobile does not offer, and customers will not be entitled to, a refund of any fees after they have purchased access to Genymotion Cloud from Alibaba Cloud for any supported instance type even if they have not launched it. Genymobile does not offer, and customers will not be entitled to, a full or partial refund of any fees after they launch Genymotion Cloud from Alibaba Cloud for any supported instance type should they decide to stop using or cancel for any reason within the time period for which they have the right to access the product.
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