Windows Server 2012 64bit
Official native: Microsoft official mirror, 100% original, provides full Windows Server functionality Key features: limited use of two virtual hosts, support for hyper-v virtualization, etc
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  • Architecture: 64
  • Base Operating System: windows
  • Latest Version: V1.3
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  • Product Highlights
    Functional enhancement: Enhanced graphical interface, address management, hyper-v, active directory, file system, storage migration, clustering, network card combination and other functions.
  • Product Description

    1. User interface: simplified server management, redesigned server manager, and adopted Metro interface (except for core mode).
    2. Task manager: with the new task manager, the application is only displayed by default when the TAB is hidden. On the process TAB, use hue to distinguish resource utilization. It lists the application name, state, and CPU, memory, hard disk, and network usage.
    3. Installation options: feel free to switch between the server core (only command prompt) and the graphical interface. The default recommendation server core mode.
    4. IP management: there is an IP address management which is used to discover, monitor, audit and manage the IP address space used in the enterprise network. IPAM manages and monitors DHCP and DNS.
    5. Active Directory: the Active Directory installation wizard has appeared in the server manager and added a recycle bin for Active Directory. In the same domain, the password policy can be better differentiated. Virtualization is already in place for Active Directory in Windows Server 2012. Virtualized servers can be cloned securely.
    6, support for hyper-v: hyper-v adds many features, including network virtualization, multi-user, storage pool, cross-connection and cloud backup. In addition, many of the old restrictions have been lifted.
    7. Reference ReFS is applied to store data
    8. IIS8.0 is included. New versions can limit CPU usage for specific sites.
    9. Scalability: Windows Server 2012 supports the following largest hardware specifications
    64 physical processors
    640 logical processors (turn off hyper-v, open to support 320)
    4 TB of memory
    64 failover cluster nodes

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