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Streamsets big data integration basically delivers performance management solutions for data flows which feed the next generation of big data applications.
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    1. Built on open source technology,easy to use user interface 2. Minimum code,enterprise grade 3. Continuous big data ingestion infrastructure
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    Now, available on Alibaba Marketplace, Streamsets is a software offers continuous Ingest technology for upcoming generations of big data applications. Streamsets’ enterprise-grade infrastructure accelerates the time-to-analysis by bringing unparalleled transparency as well as event processing to data in motion. In simple words, Streamsets is most commonly used for creating and visualizing data pipelines

    StreamSets offers two products, the Data Collector and the Dataflow Performance Manager. DC allows users to build platform agnostic data pipelines while DPM controls multiple data flows within the visual user interface.

    Streamsets big data integration basically delivers performance management solutions for data flows which feed the next generation of big data applications. With this data operations platform, users can competently develop batch as well as streaming data flows for operating them with full visibility and control.

    Miri Infotech, one of the leading IT solutions provider is configuring StreamSets, a modern data ingestion solution which is embedded with Ubuntu 16.04 along with ready-to-launch AMI on Alibaba Cloud Network containing Data Collector, Hadoop, HBase, NoSQL, Messaging system and Search System.

    One of the main features of StreamSets is that the developers can effortlessly build batch with a minimum of code while operators use a cloud-native product to aggregate dozens of data flows into topologies to manage them centrally.

    StreamSets software is aimed to address the rising challenge of managing data in motion in the world marked by constant transformation, from data sources to data processing infrastructure and the data itself. The mission of Streamsets is to bring operational excellence to the management of data in motion to make quality data arrives on-time subsequently, accelerating analysis and decision making.

    Streamsets have below mentioned connectors:

    • Hadoop systems
    • NoSQL databases
    • Search systems
    • Messaging systems


    For more info- https://www.cloud.miritech.com/Alibaba%20Cloud/PipelineDataCollector.aspx

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