Predictive R-rstudio-Hadoop powered by Miri Infotech
R is a language and environment for graphics and statistical computing and a popular tool for statistics and data analysis.
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    1. Optimized Computation 2. Heightened security features actually adapt to protect you from attack. 3. Chromium Hunspell Dictionaries (MPL)
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    MIRI Infotech presents Predictive analytics framework environment in R, Java, and Hadoop with specially optimized R version 3.3.3 (2017-03-06) with Ubuntu 16.04 OS. This framework includes RStudio Version 0.98.1091 & RServer 1.0.36 and Hadoop 2.7.3 with HDFS, HBase Version 1.3.0.

    Miri Infotech has launched a product that will configure and publish Predictive Analytics Framework with R & Java and Hadoop, to a wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering) and graphical techniques which is embedded pre-configured tool with Ubuntu 16.04 and ready-to-launch AMI on Alibaba Cloud that contains Hadoop, R, RStudio, HDFS, Hbase and Shiny server.

    R is a language and environment for graphics and statistical computing and a popular tool for statistics and data analysis. It provides a wide variation of statistical (classical statistical tests, classification, linear and nonlinear modeling, clustering, time-series analysis) and graphical techniques, along with being is highly extensible. R has rich visualization capabilities and a large collection of libraries that have been developed and maintained by the R developer community. The skills of R are extended to user-created packages that allows for specialized statistical techniques, graphical devices to be used. All this makes it simple to write and execute R programs that operate on the data stored in a Hadoop cluster.

    A core set of package is included with the installation of R, with more than 10,331 additional packages.

    The following is a list of other open source components (full copies of the license agreements used by these components are included below):


    • Qt (LGPL v2.1)
    • QtSingleApplication
    • Ace (LGPL v2.1)
    • Boost
    • RapidXml
    • JSON Spirit
    • Google Web Toolkit
    • Guice
    • GIN
    • AOP Alliance
    • RSA-JS
    • tree.hh
    • Hunspell (MPL)
    • Chromium Hunspell Dictionaries (MPL)
    • pdf.js
    • SyncTeX
    • ZLib
    • Sundown
    • highlight.js
    • MathJax
    • reveal.js
    • node-webkit
    • JSCustomBadge


    RStudio Server allows you to provide a browser-based interface (the RStudio IDE) to a version of R running on a remote Linux server. Deploying R and RStudio on a server has numerous benefits, including:

    • The ability to access R workspace from any computer in any location
    • It provides centralized configuration and installation of R, R packages, TeX, and other supporting libraries
    • Allows for sharing of code, data, and other files with colleagues
    • Enabling multiple users to share access to the more powerful computer resources (memory, processors, etc.) available on the server


    Simply put, R Server is scalable data analytics server, which can be deployed as a single-user workstation, a local network of connected servers, or on a Hadoop cluster in the cloud. On Hadoop, R Server requires MapReduce, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), and YARN.


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