Windows Server 2016 English Version With AMD GPU Driver
Windows Server 2016 DTC with AMD GPU driver preinstalled
  • Delivery Method: Image
  • Architecture: 64
  • Base Operating System: windows
  • Latest Version: v1.1
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    GPU cloud server is a computing service based on GPU application. It is applicable for AI deep learning, video processing, scientific computing, graphic visualization, and other application scenarios. Alibaba Cloud becomes the first cloud provider partnering with NGC GPU Container in China (which provides the best fully optimized deep learning framework for customers). The GPU cloud server GA1 instance uses AMD's S7150 series GPU. Alibaba Cloud and AMD optimized the AMD GPU driver together, and customers can use the OS image with the pre-installed AMD GPU driver from Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. They can quickly deploy their softwares with excellent ability of graphics rendering, computing and video processing.
  • Product Description

    1. This image is only for Alibaba Cloud GA1 series.

    2. AMD GPU driver is preinstalled and special for virtual machine, provide the ability of graphics rendering, computing and video processing.

    3. User can create their VM instance with this image to use excellent GPU capability. How to create VM and login, please refer to below link:

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    This image is maintained by Alibaba Cloud once have new update.
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    License provided by Alibaba cloud through Microsoft Service Provider Level Agreement.

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    This image is free for use, do not support refund
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