KUSANAGI on Alibaba Cloud
Ultra-fast WordPress Virtual Machine
  • Delivery Method: Image
  • Architecture: 64
  • Base Operating System: linux
  • Latest Version: 8.4.2-1
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    KUSANAGI is a virtual machine that is built to execute WordPress at high speed. It processes commands in 3 milliseconds and can handle 1000 user requests per second without page caching. High performance and advanced security. WAF, IPS/IDS, Selinux, TSL1.3, Vulnerability scanning tool. WordPress, concrete5, Drupal 7, Drupal 8 support to provision via commands.
  • Product Description

    KUSANAGI on Alibaba Cloud is the ultra-fast WordPress virtual machine. It is capable of delivering speeds 10-15 times faster than the standard LAMP stack, without page caching. KUSANAGI also provides nearly all of the security measures necessary for business.

    Your website will get a speed boost with this developer-friendly website operating environment.



    -High performance
    Built on CentOS7, KUSANAGI delivers 10-15x the speed of the default LAMP stack, without page caching

    -Robust security
    WAF, IPS/IDS, SELinux, TSL1.3, the Vuls vulnerability scanner, TLS1.1 and older disabled.

    -Commands make continuous updates easy
    KUSANAGI original application repository is provided by yum and other commands.

    -Wide-ranging compatibility
    WordPress, drupal7, drupal8, concrete5, Ruby on Rails and LAMP/LEMP.


    KUSANAGI framework:

    -Latest versions of the following
    WordPress(KUSANAGI dedicated plug-ins included), CentOS7, Nginx, Apache, HHVM, PHP7, PHP5.6, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MariaDB Galera Server, PostgreSQL

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    Support information: https://en.kusanagi.tokyo/ Additional support is available to use KUSANAGI with the KUSANAGI fully Managed Service: https://www.prime-strategy.co.jp/en/
  • End User License Agreement

    KUSANAGI comes with no guarantees or warranties of any sorts, either written or implied.

    The Distribution is released as GPLv2. Individual packages in the distribution come with their own licenses.

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    This is a free product that no refund supported.
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