Hotel&Property Management software customization:Server,Web,APP
Hotel & Property Management software customization service, including server, Web client, PC client, iOS APP, Android APP. The project manager provides 1-to-1 service to design and confirm solution.
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    Design and make module for check in&out, billing, community news, management platform, questions, etc. The project manager provides a 1-to-1 service, allowing your project to get the most effective supervision and implementation, do planning, effective, high quality delivery. When quotation is created, then never change. AI algorithm on Tiancai platform will generate 30%-50% code in project, will help customers to save budget.
  • Product Description

    Tiancai is a technical development platform of Hong Kong Dreamwalk Technologies Ltd, which has top technology talents in the world, providing professional and high quality technology development services for global companies.

    Our talents are from the world's top computer colleges, serve in Google, Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other enterprises. Since the hiring standard of high-demand talents is set, we guarantee that we can output high-quality software projects in time.

    Through unique intelligent Al process management technology, it is convenient for our customers to understand the project's process, and can submit relevant recommendations and demand in real time, reduce communication costs, and improve development efficiency.

    The project manager provides a one-to-one service, allowing your project to get the most effective supervision and implementation, do planning, effective, high quality delivery.

    R&D fee: 399USD/day/developer

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  • End User License Agreement

    Software Development Agreement


    Party A (customer):


    Phone Number:


    Party B(Dreamwalk Technologies): Dreamwalk Technologies Co., Ltd

    Address:27F Entertainment building 30 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong

    Phone Number:4000005600


    According to the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and the relevant laws and regulations, the contracts are in good faith, fair and reasonable principles, With friendly negotiation, the customer entrusts Dreamwalk  Technologies development software to sign this agreement for both parties to follow. 


    1 Scope of Service

    1 The customer specifies Dreamwalk Technologies, and Dreamwalk Technologies agrees to provide services based on the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The specific function requirements are determined according to the "Product Demand Document", The legal effect of "product demand document" is consistent with this contract.


    2 In addition to the obligation to Dreamwalk Technologies under this Agreement or outside the scope, customers can perform their obligations under this Agreement and indicate to Dreamwalk Technologies on this Agreement under this Agreement. All instructions given in this Agreement should be issued in writing, and Dreamwalk Technologies is not responsible for services that are emitted by any person's oral indication.


    2 Service Remuneration


    1 Considering the services provided by Dreamwalk Technologies under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, customers should pay any fees listed in the first Schedule of this Agreement to Dreamwalk Technologies. If the payment obligation is unable to cancel, any fees paid by the customer are considered to pay for the work that Dreamwalk Technologies has paid, and cannot be refundable.


    2 The customer agrees to provide information about its credit card or other payment method to Dreamwalk Technologies. The customer declares the Dreamwalk Technologies and guarantees the trueity of the information, and the customer has been authorized to use the payment tool. Customers will immediately use any changes that may happen to update the customer's account information. Customers This Authorized Dreamwalk Technologies pays in advance to the customer's payment tool in advance based on the terms of the applicable order page, and the customer further agrees to pay any of the expenses. If you have not paid any fees when you expire and pay your payment, you will receive a monthly interest 2%. If the customer does not receive any overdue payments within 30 days from the date of payment, Dreamwalk Technologies may suspend the platform until the payment is received.


    3 If the customer thinks that the delivery does not meet the agreement, the customer must inform Dreamwalk Technologies in writing within ten days after the payment date. If the customer notifies Dreamwalk Technologies, Dreamwalk Technologies confirms that Dreamwalk Technologies is not compliant with both parties, Dreamwalk Technologies will provide free replacement of deliverables. If Dreamwalk Technologies provide delivery, the customer should pay the payment in accordance with the agreement.


    3 Independent Contractor


    The relationship between Dreamwalk Technologies and the customer should be the relationship between the independent contractor, and any party must not claim to represent the other party. 


    4 Agreement Period


    This Agreement has taken effect on the date of signing this Agreement, and the validity period is 1 year. Unless the two sides have another agreement.


    5 Intellectual Property


    1 After paying the application cost of the deliverables, the customer should have Dreamwalk Technologies to transfer and deliver the rights of the following intellectual property rights, and the ownership of the payment.

    Intellectual Property Rights, Trademark, Service Trademark, Business Number, Design, Copyright, Domain Name, Database Power, Proprietary Technical Rights, Invention, Design or Process, Other Intellectual Property, Whether it is known or created in the future (no matter what The nature and where it is produced, regardless of the registration or not registering, and package any such rights.


    2 Despite the provisions of the above terms, the deliverables do not include any "community code". Dreamwalk Technologies retains all the rights, ownerships, and interests of all intellectual property contained in "Community Code".

    If you comply with the terms and requirements of this Agreement, if you need to use or use and deliver your community code or reasonably, Dreamwalk Technologies will be awarded the customer's non-proprietary, royalty free, permanent, irrevocable rights, It is a reasonable global license, and the community code can only be used for the purpose of using and otherwise fully utilizing the purpose of deliverable results. As far as this section, "community code" refers to the source code that is not specific to customer, usually for other projects and deliverables, which may be the source of developer communities on the developer community on the Dreamwalk Technologies platform. The code is determined by Dreamwalk Technologies. 


    In addition to the above terms, despite the provisions of any other provisions of this Agreement, Dreamwalk Technologies reserves all rights, ownerships, and interests of all intellectual property issues involved in Dreamwalk Technologies and related projects.


    3 Developers hired by Dreamwalk Technologies in order to fulfill their contractual obligations under this Agreement, they can access other developers' online forums and communities ("Developer Community"), in which developers can discuss with other developers and To disclose the specifications, projects, delivery results of our customers, only in the developer community and is only used to provide services under this Agreement. For the sake of clarity, such information should be considered confidential information.


    6 Rights And Obligation


    Customer’s right and obligation 

    1 Customers have the right to obtain software delivery results, services and related intellectual property rights submitted by Dreamwalk Technologies.

    2 Customers have the right to know and oversee the progress of software development.

    3 Customers should provide Dreamwalk Technologies to provide the information and working conditions necessary to complete software development.

    4 The customer should pay the contract price according to the contractual Dreamwalk Technologies.


    Dreamwalk Technologies’ right and obligation

    1 Dreamwalk Technologies has the right to charge contract prices in accordance with this contract.

    2 Dreamwalk Technologies is entitled to requesting customers to provide information and support necessary for software development.

    3 Dreamwalk Technologies guarantees that the software delivered is complete and meets the requirements of both parties in performance, quality and design.

    4 If the customer discovers that Dreamwalk Technologies is delivered, it is defective, or when performance and quality do not agree, Dreamwalk Technologies should be responsible for excluding defects without compensation.

    5 Dreamwalk Technologies, which is generated by this Agreement (including source code, system technical documentation, software, data, etc.), Dreamwalk Technologies, is right to use for its business needs.




    1 When one of the following conditions can be met, any party can terminate this agreement immediately after notifying the other party:

    The other party seriously violates any terms and conditions of this agreement -

    1.1 If you violate the terms that can be remedied, you will not remedy within 30 days after receiving the remediation; or

    1.2 constitutes the fundamental violation of this agreement.

    The other party enters the custom disk or proposes the bankrupt command, or the other party's arranging or transfer.

    The other party usually stops paying for creditors or cannot repay their respective debts in accordance with any applicable laws associated with bankrupt, bankruptcy, liquidation or liquidation, or stop or threaten to stop carrying their business.

    If the customer fails to pay the fee in time, the customer can stop executing the service until the payment is expense.


    2 Consequences Of Termination

    When this agreement expires or terminates in advance:

    1.1 All rights and obligations between the two sides of this Agreement should be automatically terminated, except for the litigation rights you should enjoy before this;

    1.2 After the termination, the defendant should immediately pay all of the payment and arrears under this Agreement to Dreamwalk Technologies.


    8 Confidentiality


    1 1 Both parties should be on the content of this agreement, due to the performance of this agreement or other business, financial, technology, product information, user information or other documentation or information indicating that confidential documents or other documents (Abbreviation "confidential information"), or other information indicated by the other party's business, financial, technology, product information, user information or other documentation or information indicated by this Agreement. Secret Information ") Conservative secrets, may not disclose any third party other than the agreement without the written prior agreement of the other party. The two sides can only have the purpose of this Agreement to identify the necessary employees, participate in the project's protocol, independent contractor and related company to disclose the confidential information provided by the other party, but at the same time, it is necessary to indicate its compliance with the stipulations of this section. Both parties should be replicated and used for the purpose of this agreement.


    2 Unless the other party's written permission and the government, the court command, any party shall not disclose any third party in any third party in any third party.


    3 This confidentiality is still valid after the expiration, relief or termination of this agreement.


    9 Guarantee And Commitment


    In addition to this agreement, the platform, service and delivery of Dreamwalk Technologies are provided in its current situation. Dreamwalk Technologies does not assume any additional statements or guarantees of any form (including plaintext, implicit or statutory). In addition to this agreement, Dreamwalk Technologies denies all implicit guarantees within the scope allowed by law, including the suitability, quality, accuracy, property rights and non-infringement of specific purposes. Dreamwalk Technologies will not guarantee that the platform of Dreamwalk Technologies has no errors, nor does it guaranational's network security or uninterrupted Dreamwalk Technologies platform.



    10 Limitation of Liability



    1 In addition to any party violates the confidentiality obligations in Article 8 of this Agreement, the responsibility caused by the competent obligation of this Agreement; in any case, any party does not assume any special, indirect, dependence, occasional or consequences for the other side. Any form of damage, data loss or damage, profit loss or revenue loss, whether or the loss is caused by contract, infringement (including negligence) or other reasons, although any party has notified the other party.


    2 In addition to any party in violation of the confidentiality obligations in Article 8 of this Agreement, the responsibility caused by the competent obligations of this Agreement; in any case, no matter which forum and anywhere, no party does not assume any of the facts The responsibility of all claims (including but not limited to guarantee claims) for the total cost of Dreamwalk Technologies should be paid to Dreamwalk Technologies, regardless of any litigation or claims based on contractual, infringement or other ways. The above restriction is accumulated, and is not calculated by a separate index.


    3 The terms and disclaimers that limit liability or impairment in this Agreement are allocated between the various parties. Each of these provisions is divided and independent of all other terms of this agreement. These provisions will also apply even if these terms are not achieved.



    11 Delivery Address


    All notices required by this Agreement or all notices should be written in writing, and should be sent to the following address, fax number, and / or email address.


    Company Name


    Phone Number: 

    Email Address: 



    Dreamwalk Technologies

    Address:27F Entertainment building 30 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong

    Phone Number: 13691998174

    Email Address:

    Contact:Carter Jack Feldman


    12 Disclosure


    Customers can publish a short description with Dreamwalk Technologies, describe the deployment on the Dreamwalk Technologies platform, and logo the customer as a customer of Dreamwalk Technologies on any website, customer list, press release, and / or other marketing materials in Dreamwalk Technologies platform.


    13 Force Majeure


    One party is not responsible for or responsible for the other party or responsibility for acts or conditions that cannot be controlled due to unconspect, or delayed, or delay any terms or conditions of the implementation of this agreement. God, government behavior, terrorism, war, riot, strike or other labor disputes, labor or materials shortage, fire and floods, and conditions are poorly expressing or delayed should notify the other side notified the existence and reasons for this class. Or delay.


    14 Anti-Corruption Requirements


    Every parties declare and guarantee that any parties will not provide anyone who will provide anyone constitutes an illegal or corruption behavior of illegal or corruption, payment, prices or benefits as incentives or remuneration. Grant or perform an agreement.


    15 Splitability


    If any of the terms or requirements of this Agreement is invalid or unforgettable, the rest of this Agreement will not be affected, and each of the remains of this Agreement should be valid and executed within the maximum range allowed by law.


    16 Applicable Legal And Dispute Resolution


    This agreement shall be jurisded by the law of mainland China and explained according to its explanation. Both parties agree to comply with the exclusive jurisdiction of the Mainland China to address any disputes associated with it due to this agreement.


    17 Take Effect


    This contract is in two copies, from the date of signature of both parties, and each parties are handled, and they have the same legal effect. 

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