CloudFusion - Hybrid Cloud Management Platform
CloudFusion provides a single, self-service hybrid cloud management platform, allowing user to quantify the use of cloud resources with intelligent monitoring.
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  • Architecture: 64
  • Base Operating System: linux
  • Latest Version: 2.8.14
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    hybrid cloud
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    Supports more than 10 cloud platforms in public and private
    Private cloud (Vmware, Hyper-V, RHEV, Citrix, Xen, OpenStack) and public cloud (Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Azure, and SoftLayer) and more coming soon.


    One Interface does it all

    Personalise dashboard view. Multi-tenancy login. Cost Control. Instance provisioning with approval workflow. Scheduling. Notification and alerting. Customise reporting.

    Skyport provides scalability
    Skyport is an open API interface that allows partners to integrate different platforms, hence providing greater elasticity and enlarging the cloud developer's ecosystem

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