Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance
Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance
  • Delivery Method: Image
  • Architecture: 64
  • Base Operating System: linux
  • Latest Version: 2.5.36-1
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Product Details
  • Product Highlights
    Ease of deployment: Tight integration with ECS allows for touchless provisioning through the Management Console, requiring no console access to the appliance ever.
  • Product Description

    The Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance extends the reach of the Qualys Cloud Platform's integrated suite of security and compliance SaaS applications into the internal networks of Alibaba. The virtual scanner appliance brings the highly-automated Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, and Web Application Scanning services deep into the Alibaba infrastructure so that your VPCs and Instances can be assessed at close range from trusted devices under your control and protected by your VPC Security Groups. Customers configure and operate all of the scanner's security services from their Qualys (SaaS) account via a secure web interface or API. Each instance of the Qualys Virtual Scanner Appliance must be associated with a valid Qualys (SaaS) subscription in order to function. It is available for use by licensed Qualys customers and trial users.

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  • Support Service Scope
    Qualys' policy is to respond to all Qualys customer cases promptly, within 24 hours. An incident ticket is assigned a priority number based on the nature of the issue. || Service Level Agreement (SLA): https://www.qualys.com/support/sla/ https://www.qualys.com/support/ || support@qualys.com || US/Canada: +1 (866) 801-6161 (toll free) or +1 (650) 801-6161 || UK/Europe/International: +44 (0)1753 872102 || France: +33 1 41 97 35 81
  • End User License Agreement

    The Service User Agreement for the QualysGuard Virtual Scanner Appliance is presented as part of the scanner Provisioning dialogue in the central QualysGuard UI (https://qualysguard.qualys.com/). You will have an opportunity to read it before proceeding, as you must click through the virtual scanner appliance provisioning wizard in the QualysGuard UI to obtain your scanner "Personalization Code" before launching an Instance of this Image from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

  • Refund Policy
    Trial Users: Qualys offers free 14 day trials of the Qualys SaaS services (https://www.qualys.com/free-tools-trials/) with no commitment required.Licensed Qualys customers should refer to their Service User Agreement (SUA) or contact their Qualys Technical Account Manager if they have questions about refund or cancellation policies which would apply to them.
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