ECS RDS operation and maintenance service
Cloud server operation and maintenance,Professional security operation and maintenance,Server agent maintenance
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    Cloud hosting, server maintenance, escort your enterprise information system and digital assets, provide safe operation and maintenance solutions, business and server availability monitoring alarms, server system maintenance, troubleshooting, application environment, middleware maintenance, database maintenance, Security risk assessment.
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    Application server security agent maintenance services provide you with cloud platform monitoring, business monitoring services, operation and maintenance technical support services, and database DBA technical support services. Ensure the high availability and security of data resources, and realize the continuous and stable operation of the information system.


    Develop an operation and maintenance service plan

    Our technical consultants will negotiate with you to formulate the content of your customer support service plan and service requirements, and formulate a service level (SLA) level agreement that meets your requirements, and provide tailor-made database operation and maintenance service plans;


    Business system and system application health check

    Provides a monthly health check on the database of the business system to detect existing or potential system problems, hardware resource occupancy problems, application log hidden dangers, etc. in the business in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the server. Check the availability, completeness and performance of the system and database. For example: system log, application log check; 

    Monitoring and management

    It mainly monitors user-related business from multiple aspects such as business availability, application availability, system resource occupation, server availability, and database performance indicators to ensure that the business is stable and normal. Including server hardware resource information monitoring;


    Disaster recovery backup

    The last line of defense against data loss and system crashes is backup. This service mainly combines the user's business system data backup and recovery target software and hardware resources to assist users in formulating reasonable data backup and recovery strategies to avoid data loss and system crashes;


    Performance optimization

    According to user needs and monitoring results, the overall business architecture is evaluated and optimized, operating system kernel parameters, software environment, application middleware environment, parameter fine-tuning, and log analysis is used to identify key performance points, so as to ensure that the business is running in an optimal state and improve Operational efficiency of business systems;


    System software upgrade

    Provide system, software, and application upgrade services, and provide software patch packages on a regular basis. Take Linux upgrade as an example. The patch package time is subject to the official website release time. The upgrade and testing cover mainstream operating system platforms;


    Data disaster recovery deployment

    The data disaster recovery system is one of the important means to ensure data security. For example, the Oracle database can be deployed with Oracle DataGuard to prevent data disasters by using a database called standby database. In addition, it can also be deployed through base storage disaster recovery to achieve data remote disaster recovery


    data migration

    Refers to using practical methods to migrate applications from a lower version of the system server to a higher version server, or from other platforms to Linux or Windows, with full consideration of data security and integrity.


    technical consulting

    Can provide users with expert-level consulting services such as database planning and design

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