Sensors Analytics & Personas & Focus
Enterprises can easily get started with 10 data analysis models, build a labeling and portrait system and establish the automated operation platform to achieve the business intelligence.
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  • For data analysis, the product can provide excellent data collection tools, multiple models, multiple senarios, etc. For user personas, the product can provide user clustering, user tag system, full lifecycle evolution, etc. For intelligent operations, the product can provide event strategy, precise targeting, user operations, etc.
  • Sensors Analytics, Sensors Personas and Sensors Focus are three products, which can be combined with each other. Among them, Sensors Analytics is based on multi-dimensional and multi-index cross-analysis capabilities, providing the ability to establish an efficient data indicator system, fully supporting the daily data analysis needs of each team, and driving business decision-making. Sensors Personas can collect multi-source data, identify unique users, help companies build labeling and portrait systems, and empower businesses to achieve refined user operations and precise marketing. Sensors Focus provides an automated operation platform that integrates activity creation, execution, management, feedback, and iteration. It screens audiences through user behavior, attributes, tags and other data to achieve precise reach of target groups, and improve key indicators and operational efficiency.

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