osTicket powered by Miri Infotech(LAMP & Ubuntu 16)
osTicket is a platform where you will able to generate new tickets via email, contact etc. The interface for osTicket is completely translatable.
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  • Architecture: 64
  • Base Operating System: linux
  • Latest Version: V1
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Product Details
  • Product Highlights
    1. Optimized Computation 2. Payroll and Time Management 3. Configuring and managing employee scheduling, time and attendance, job costing, invoicing, document management, and payroll.
  • Product Description

    osTicket is one of the most trusted ticketing system which is used in surplus amount worldwide. The best thing one can say about this is that it is not similar to every other ticketing system as it provides an amazing features which are indeed very user-friendly and customer’s attention grabbing. Whenever any customer demands for support or raises any type of issue related to this, all these issues and complaints are resolved at a very quicker pace and in a very human understandable form.

    Miri Infotech is launching a product osTicket, a ticketing platform for PHP/MySQL which is embedded pre-configured tool with LAMP and ready-to-launch AMI on Alibaba Cloud.

    The interface for osTicket is completely translatable. Language packs are available on the go. It is also a very light weight and easy to set up and install tool. A layman can very easily use it for his project purpose.

    This one software will guide you through all the steps that are necessary to follow in order to use it in a correct manner. It is that one software which is daily increasing its demand among small and mid-size companies and sorting their problems through their email, customer support system.

    Not only this, but we are also providing Nginx software with it, which can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTP cache and increases scalability for the busiest websites on the net.

    How osTicket works for you

    1. We provide you with a platform where you will able to generate new tickets via e-mail, contact etc. and through this, you’ll be able to proceed further to fulfill your requirements of the project.
    2. Incoming tickets which are generated are then assigned to several agents depending on the type of issue raised.
    3. Agents will help users resolve their issues as soon as possible with the correct way possible.

    If you are from a small or medium sized enterprise, you would definitely wander for something that suits your budget and there are no complexities related to it while setting it up and using it.


    For more info- https://www.cloud.miritech.com/Alibaba%20Cloud/osTicket.aspx

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