Alibaba Cloud Professional Certification Exam
This product is exclusively for Alibaba Group employees to take monthly internal exams. If you have any question, please contact at
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    Validate your expertise with Alibaba Cloud Certification, gain recognition and visibility for your proven technical competencies.
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    Please do NOT pay with cash! Please do NOT pay with cash! This is the internal exam exclusively for Alibaba Group's employees. If you are an employee of Alibaba, please pay for the exam with coupon; if you are not, please visit our website and purchase exams there: Thank you!


    1.Please use the test code for registration. To buy the test code, you need to use an international Alibaba Cloud account. Please note that all the personal information of the account should be filled in, otherwise the purchase of the test code will fail.

    2.The test code is valid for one year, there are no refunds or replacements of other types of test.

    3.The registration test can be cancelled before the registration deadline. After the cancellation, the test code can be used to register for other tests of the same certification.

    4.After the test, users can immediately receive the test results. If they pass the certification, they can download the certificate on the “My Certifications” page.

    5.In order to prevent cheating, users are not allowed to leave the exam page during the exam. We will monitor and remind candidates who jump to other pages.

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