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cPanel & WHM is the world's premier web hosting automation software.
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  • Base Operating System: linux
  • Latest Version: 94.0.5
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Product Details
  • Including DNS clustering improvements, MySQL® 8, and updated webmail with mobile responsive themes cPanel & WHM is better than ever. Additional security features include new interfaces that allow system administrators to block emails that originate from specified countries or domains as well as free ImunifyAV software.
  • By default, you can use the cPanel license key freely for about 15 days, and then you would need to convert the trial license to your own official license.




    Go to: to purchase a license before your trial license expires.


    cPanel & WHM is a suite of tools that gives you the ability to automate web hosting tasks via a simple graphical user interface. For over 20 years, cPanel & WHM has remained the leading hosting automation platform and provides website owners and server administrators all the tools necessary to take their product to the next level. cPanel & WHM allows users to focus on empowering their customers and build every facet of their website experience.

    Automatic Updates Included
    Each license includes ALL updates for cPanel & WHM. cPanel & WHM also allows the server administrator to select their updating preferences. From bleeding EDGE, to slow and STABLE, administrators can set the release tier that their server updates with.

    Learn more about our release tiers and processes:

    Top cPanel Features
    • Launch and manage email accounts and calendars
    • Control spam through SpamAssassin and cPanel's exclusive BoxTrapper
    • Backup, transfer and manage files via FTP and built-in File Manager
    • Launch databases using MySQL Wizard, PostgreSQL and phpMyAdmin
    • Manage many domains from a single account and manage DNS zones
    • Publish a website

    Top WHM® Features
    • Migrate new customers with ease
    • Create cPanel accounts and hosting packages
    • Customize and brand your service
    • Secure your system at various levels
    • View, analyze, and diagnose server stats

    Take a look at some of our favorite features in a walkthrough at

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  • When a license is purchased directly from cPanel, direct access to the world-renowned cPanel support staff is included. This team of Linux experts and cPanel & WHM aficionados boast an outstanding 90% feedback score.
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