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Strikingly is a world-class website publishing platform offering professionally designed websites, with powerful features for any business.
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    Small businesses. Online stores with full ecommerce. Personal branding. Organization sites. Event sites. Startup landing pages. Creative portfolios. Strikingly supports millions of websites across the world.


    Editor - The easiest website editor in the world. Add from a large variety of sections to build your site. Add images, videos, galleries, text boxes, backgrounds, contact forms, signup forms, maps, and more. Choose from a huge variety of templates, colors, fonts, and styles. Add custom HTML/CSS/JS code for even more advanced functionality and endless possibilities.

    Multipage Sites - You'll start with a single page, but you can add up to 20 pages on your site. Add dropdown menus to organize your content.

    Ecommerce - Powerful ecommerce capabilities for your business. Sell up to 300 products on your site. We support integrations with Stripe, PayPal, WeChat Pay, and Alipay so you can get paid directly. Set product options, shipping options, and categories. Review and complete your orders in an easy-to-use dashboard.

    Blogging - Incredibly easy blogging capabilities. Write as many blog posts as you want to keep your visitors updated. Visitors can comment and subscribe to your blog.

    Form responses - View all your form responses in a simple dashboard. Accept signups, subscriptions, and messages easily through your site. Export forms data to other services to send newsletters.

    Analytics - Built-in analytics for your site. See where site visitors are coming from and when they've visited. See most viewed pages, most viewed blog posts, total ecommerce sales, and more.

    Android/iOS app - Strikingly customers get access to our 5-star Android and iOS apps to edit your sites, complete ecommerce orders, view forms, and view site analytics on the go. Just search "Strikingly"


    During the special promotional period (until 2017-9-20): FREE

    Renew Price: $96/year

    Launch your business today!

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