End User License Agreement

End User License Agreement

Welcome to the name of the dictionary technology [software / mirror / service]


This agreement is a legal agreement between you (the "user") and Chongqing Dianming Technology Co., Ltd. (the "service provider") to provide you with the name of "software / mirror / service" ("software / mirror / service").


1、 Effectiveness of the agreement


1. Confirmed by the user and effective: the service provider shall provide online version of this agreement. When the user purchases this [software / mirror / service], the user shall carefully read this Agreement and keep this agreement checked before entering the next purchase process. Once confirmed by the user, this Agreement shall have the contract effect and shall be legally binding on the service provider and the user.


2. Effective for users: users can use this [software / mirror / service] by [downloading, installing software, subscribing, using mirror, online access, and obtaining services] (Note: the service provider selects the corresponding description according to the commodity type), or otherwise uses this [software / mirror / service]. The service chamber shall provide the online version of this Agreement for users to read in corresponding links. Once the user has previously used this [software / mirror / service] in any way, the user has agreed to accept all the terms of this agreement. If the user does not accept the terms of this agreement, please do not use this [software / mirror / service].


2、 Definition


1. Dianming technology [software / mirror / service] refers to [users use relevant products released by alicloud market issued by Chongqing Dianming Technology Co., Ltd.]   3、 Use license


1. This [software / mirror / service] is protected by copyright law, international copyright treaties and other relevant intellectual property laws, regulations and treaties. This software product / service is licensed for use by authorized users, not for sale.


2. The copyright / ownership of this [software / mirror / service] belongs to the [name of the obligee].


3. The service provider grants the user a non exclusive and non transferable license to use this [software / mirror / service] as agreed in this agreement. Users shall not resell or otherwise transfer the right to use the license for commercial benefit( Note: for reference, the service provider shall make clear the nature and scope of the use license by itself.)


4、 Fees: (Note: the service provider adds and removes the corresponding terms by itself)


1. The service provider agrees that the user is currently provided with the license for the use of this [software / mirror / service] free of charge. However, the free service shall not be deemed as a waiver of the right of the service provider to start charging at a certain time in the future. If the service provider charges the user license fee for this [software / mirror / service], it will inform the user clearly through relevant web pages, purchase links, etc( Note: free products are applicable)


1. Users shall pay all fees according to the price system of this [software / mirror / service]. The service provider reserves the right not to provide services and / or technical support to the user, or terminate the services and / or technical support until the user fails to pay all the fees as agreed( Note: applicable to the charged products)


2. If the name, specification or price of this [software / mirror / service] has been adjusted when the user renews the software / mirror / service, the user agrees to perform the performance according to the name, specification or price of the new software / mirror / service available at that time; If the user does not agree with the name, specification or price of the new software / mirror / service, the renewal may not be made. The software / mirror / service will terminate automatically after the expiration of the [software / mirror / service].


5、 Rights and obligations of users (Note: service provider adds and removes corresponding terms by itself)


1. The user guarantees that all the behaviors of using this [software / mirror / service] comply with the provisions of national laws and regulations, and are legal and authentic without infringing the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.


2. The user shall pay the cost of the software / mirror / service in full and on time (if any), otherwise, the service provider reserves the right to terminate the user's use of this [software / mirror / service] at any time, and the user shall bear all the responsibilities for the damage caused by the termination of the software / mirror / service by the service provider.


3. The user warrants that, except for activities expressly permitted by law, the user shall not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the [software / mirror / service].


4. The user understands and agrees,


(1) Due to the existing technical limitations, the [software / mirror / service] provided by the service provider may be defective and cannot guarantee that the normal execution or the desired results of the user can be achieved under any circumstances.


(2) If the user uses this [software / mirror / service], if purchased for 0 yuan, the service provider will not compensate. If the service provider pays for the purchase, the service provider shall compensate 3 times the purchase price of the [software / mirror / service].


6、 Rights and obligations of service provider


3. The service provider is responsible for timely upgrading, maintenance and management of this [software / mirror / service], and providing free consultation and conditional technical support services to users through customer service telephone and online customer service.


4. The service provider undertakes to ensure the stability and continuity of the [software / mirror / service] provided by the service provider to the user. If the user's license to use the software / mirror / service needs to be terminated in advance due to the service provider, the service provider shall fulfill the corresponding refund obligation (if any).


5. The service provider undertakes that the [software / mirror / service] provided to the user does not include:


(1) Any virus, disguised sabotage program, computer worm, time program bomb or other computer program that deliberately destroys, maliciously interferes, steals or encroaches on any system, data or personal data;


(2) Any known vulnerabilities, backdoors, malware;


(3) Other unsafe content that may damage the user's system security.


6. Limitation of liability: to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the service provider will not cause or cause any indirect, accidental, direct, special, punitive or other damages (including but not limited to personal injury or property damage, loss of profits, data loss, etc.) caused by or in connection with the use or inability to use this [software / mirror / service] "The company shall be liable for any damage caused by business interruption, computer paralysis or failure, loss of business information, damage caused by failure to perform any liability, including good faith or considerable attention, resulting in privacy disclosure, negligence, or any monetary or any other loss,", Even if the service provider is first informed of the possibility of the damage.


7、 Use and disclosure of user data (Note: service provider adds and removes corresponding terms by itself)


1. For the purpose of serving users, service providers may provide services to users by using user data, including but not limited to sending product and service information to users.


2. Without the permission of the user, the service provider will not disclose the user data without authorization. However, user data will be disclosed in part or in whole in the following cases:


(1) Disclose to a third party with the consent of the user;


(2) Disclose to a third party or administrative or judicial institution in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of the administrative or judicial institutions;


(3) If the user violates relevant laws and regulations in China, it needs to disclose to the third party;


(4) In order to provide the software or services required by the user, user data must be shared with third parties.


8、 Term and termination (Note: the service provider adds and removes the corresponding terms by itself)


1. The term of this [software / mirror / service] is [10 years].


2. The service provider shall have the right to terminate the provision of this [software / mirror / service] without any liability in case of any of the following:


(1) The [software / mirror / service] purchased by the user has expired and has not been renewed;


(2) The user has seriously violated the provisions of this Agreement and has not been corrected after the service provider has notified it to correct it.


9、 Amendment of agreement (Note: the service provider shall add and delete corresponding terms by itself)


1. In case of any change in any content of this agreement, the service provider shall prompt the user to modify the content in an appropriate way.


2. If the user does not agree with the modification made by the service provider to the relevant terms of this agreement, the user has the right to stop using this [software / mirror / service]. In such cases, the service provider shall refund the remaining expenses (if any) to the user, and give the user a reasonable period of time before the termination of the service for data backup, download, storage, migration and other necessary work. If the user continues to use this [software / mirror / service], it shall be deemed that the user accepts the modification made by the service provider to the relevant terms of this agreement.


10、 Law and dispute resolution (Note: the service provider shall add, delete and modify the corresponding terms by itself)


1. The signing, execution, interpretation and dispute settlement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the people's Republic of China.


2. In case of any dispute between the parties concerning the signing, performance or interpretation of this agreement, both parties shall try their best to settle the dispute through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, either party shall bring a lawsuit in the people's Court of [the place where the defendant is located].


11、 Supplementary Provisions (Note: the service provider shall add, delete and modify the corresponding terms by itself)


1. If any provision of this agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable, the above-mentioned provisions may be separated and the rest shall remain in force and effect.


2. The title of this agreement is for convenience of reading only, and is not a definition, restriction, interpretation or description of the scope or boundary of the terms.


3. The service provider may, on the basis of its own operating conditions, transfer all its rights and obligations under this agreement to a third party without the prior consent of the user, provided that the service provider gives notice to the user [7] working days in advance. The assignee of the service provider is bound by this agreement, and the service provider and its assignee shall bear joint and several liabilities for the performance of this agreement.